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Homecraft: Minecraft Maps

Packs de textures, mods et infos pour Minecraft

Paintball Arena 1.5.2 (mise à jour)

Publié le 20 Mai 2013 par GoldKraft in Maps

Voici donc la mise à jour de cette map, ajoutant de nouveaux souterrains, ainsi que des nouvelles entrées.

Par contre, cette mise à jour nécessite le mod More Pistons.

Bon jeu!

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http://www.qspray.com/ 14/08/2014 07:37

I really like what is going on with this amazing project. The graphic work seems to be fantastic. If there was anything that needed a renovation was definitely the paint arena. It is really good to see arena is being renovated.

ReZear_dZ 22/08/2014 10:50

Thanks ! Now I'm working on another map, The World of Assassins. In this map, you must infiltrate you in houses, and killing targets. Of course, targets will defend. So, it'll be good I think ;)
The World of Asssassins working with the mod NPC Custom. Goodbye ;) !